How not to get cold this winter and save on the electricity bill?

como no pasar frio en invierno

According to the meteorologists, this winter is going to be colder than the previous one and this seems to be a habit that can be repeated year after year.

The cold affects us in different ways, from that feeling of cold on the skin to that annoying bone pain, it can also affect our mood. All this is because the cold reduces body temperature, which causes a cascade of events in the body.

However, there are ways to prevent and combat the cold and without stopping taking care of our electricity consumption, which on the other hand is also at maximum prices due to all the current situation we are experiencing.

Some tips to stay warm this winter

  • Staying hydrated: this advice is useful for both winter and summer, you have to drink water as it helps us to keep our body temperature stable and to be well hydrated, it is very common not to hydrate well in winter because you sweat less.
  • Eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients: a balanced diet helps us maintain the energy necessary to combat the cold in conditions. You can also consume hot foods and drinks, such as soups and teas.
  • Exercise : even if you feel like it less, you can also exercise even at home. Exercising regularly helps to keep our body temperature stable and to stay in shape.
    If you don’t like going to gyms or going for a run, you can also exercise with smart weights like GetFit Dumbbells
  • Taking a shower with hot water : a hot shower can not only help us relax, but it also helps us raise our body temperature and warm up.
  • wear appropriate clothing : you have to wear the right clothes depending on the season of the year, we cannot expect to wear short sleeves all year round, each season requires different clothes and in winter you have to wear warm and comfortable clothes to help us minimize the sensation of cold.

Saving on electricity in winter is possible

It seems complicated, but if a series of basic tips are taken into account, we can save some electricity during the winter.

  • Heat the house naturally. Taking advantage of the heat of the sun is a great way to heat the house and completely free of charge, depending on the orientation of our house we can take advantage of the mornings more than the afternoons, but in any case as long as the sun shines on us we can take advantage of those hours to open blinds or curtains and let sunlight in and heat the house naturally and also air it out.
  • Install adequate insulation. A good insulation of doors and windows will save energy both in winter and in summer, making sure that your house is well insulated is a good way to maintain the temperature inside the house and reduce the electricity bill. Outlets that are outdoors are also sometimes an air leak point.
  • Turning off or programming household appliances that are not used is also a good option to avoid consuming more electricity than necessary, the electric heater for hot water, televisions, computers, microwaves and other electronic devices can be programmed to turn on March at the time that interests us.
  • Reduce the use of heating . If it is very cold, this may be the most complicated option, especially if there are elderly people or children living with us, but lowering the temperature by just one degree can help reduce electricity bills. On this occasion it is also very useful to program the heating so that it turns on and is paid automatically and it is not used more than it should.

The use of mini heaters or heaters for smaller rooms can also help you, so that you only heat the room where you are and during the hours you are interested in, they are highly recommended when it comes to showers and baths, they heat the room in a short time and they do not usually consume much, an example of these heaters would be the Heater Pro X or Warmool very sold this year too.

  • Wearing appropriate clothing , as we have previously mentioned, wearing shelter clothing in winter seems logical and should be normal, you have to avoid that trend that seems to exist now, especially in public places where the temperature rises so much that you can almost wear your sleeve short. You have to adapt to the temperature and wear the clothes that correspond to the season we are in. On this subject we have an article with a small list of winter clothes to be warm inside and outside the home.
  • Cook efficiently and intelligently. Cooking in the microwave if possible, can be more efficient than using the oven, between preheating and then the preparation time it takes a considerable time, if you do it and you have an hourly rate try to do it within the cheapest hours. You can also avoid opening the oven door when you are cooking to keep the heat inside, using some type of probe, with a digital kitchen thermometer can also help you not to cook food more than necessary.