Boojoy Winter Shoes – Reviews and Opinions of waterproof and non-slip boots

BJ boojoy winter shoes

The parts of the body that are colder are those that are more exposed to the environment, such as the face, ears, hands, feet, neck… These are areas that are more vulnerable to cold since they do not have as much subcutaneous fat as the rest of the body to protect themselves from the cold. low temperatures. Hence, it is important to wear clothing that protects from the cold such as hats, socks, gloves and winter boots.

What are BJ Boojoy Winter Shoes?

Boojoy Winter Shoes are a comfortable and resistant winter boots, which offer you protection and comfort during the coldest months of the year, thanks to its design and its padded interior lining that maintains the temperature.

Made with quality materials and with a sole that provides a good grip that will help you maintain your balance on slippery surfaces, its non-slip sole makes it ideal for walking in the rain or snow.

Their innovative and modern design makes them adapt to any winter look and you can wear them in any situation, in addition, their gel-effect sole protects the footprint and absorbs shock by distributing the impact evenly throughout the sole of the foot.

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Boojoy Shoes review and opinions
Water resistant and non-slip technology

Features and Advantages of Boojoy Shoes

Water resistant, they do not allow water droplets to filter, keeping the feet warm and dry.

Perfect for all kinds of meteorological conditions.

Non-slip, thanks to its rough rubber sole. It will help you reduce the risk of falls on rainy days.

Padded inner lining made of soft fabric to keep your feet warm.

Sole with gel effect, protect and cushion the footprint, distributing the impact of the footprint throughout the sole of the foot.

Breathable so that the feet breathe avoiding sweat and bad odors as much as possible.

(UPDATE) Three Two colors available: black, burgundy and blue (this color is not available at the moment)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What size should I choose?

It is recommended to buy the same size as the shoe that is usually used.
In the following image you can see the sizes available by color. Consult it in the official purchase page also.

Boojoy Shoes

Are they for men? How many colors are available?

The boots are unisex, choose between the two colors that are currently available, there is a lot of demand and at the moment you can only choose between two colors.

Are they waterproof and non-slip?

Yes, they are waterproof and have a non-slip sole. (Still, you have to be careful.)

Do they end up losing shape?

This question is interesting and as indicated on its official page Thanks to the materials with which they are made, they will never deform no matter how much they are used., making normal use of them.

Boojoy Shoes Reviews

Rainy and snowy days are difficult days to walk down the street, the umbrella, the wet streets, the cold… good winter boots never hurt and if they keep your feet warm and the soles are non-slip much better. There is nothing that ensures that you cannot slip, but it is better if you walk with boots that their sole helps you have a better grip and balance in those situations.

It is a practical, comfortable and versatile shoe that fulfills its basic function and that you can use to do practically any activity.

If you like this type of comfortable footwear that allows you to keep your feet warm, you may also be interested in the Comfy Shoes comfortable and with a non-slip sole too.

Boojoy Shoes Prices and Discounts

Boojoy Shoes you can find them now with a 50% discount on their original price and with free shipping costs, buying more than one unit you can get the price per unit to be cheaper, so you can make a good original gift, birthday, anniversary and why not, to make a gift on valentine’s day

Check the discount on it official purchase page from Boojoy Shoes to see unit prices.

Where can you buy it?

Boojoy Shoes You can buy it on its official website safely with free shipping. You just have to choose the number of units, color, size and fill in the form with your information, select one of the available payment methods that will depend on the country, you can pay by card, by PayPal and by GPay and with secure SSL encryption.

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