Footy Massager Carpet – Review and opinions of the smart foot massager

Footy Massager Carpet

Foot pain and swelling can have a number of causes, but the most common are standing or walking for long periods of time, which can cause foot fatigue which can lead to pain and swelling, injuries such as sprains , fractures, overweight, circulation problems…

What is Footy Massager Carpet?

It is an intelligent foot massager with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology that can help you relieve foot pain, swelling at the same time that it can help you improve blood circulation in your feet.

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Review and opinions of Footy Massager Carpet
Smart massager to help you relieve foot pain

Characteristics and Advantages of Footy Massager Carpet

EMS technology

Relaxes and stimulates the muscles of the feet and calves anywhere

Foldable foot massager with remote control

It can help reduce swelling and tension in the feet, as well as leg fatigue, tingling, cramping or a feeling of heaviness.

Acupuncture on the soles of the feet, the acupuncture points correspond to the internal organs of the body.

It slows down fatigue, as it can help to relieve pain and physical and mental fatigue more quickly, as well as improve the quality of sleep.

The duration of each session is about 15 minutes.

Different levels of frequency and intensity to adapt to all needs.

Long-lasting lithium battery, charging via USB ( how to clean usb ports? ) and remote control

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does it work with batteries?

No, it has a long-lasting lithium battery that is charged via USB.

Do you have multiple levels of intensity?

Yes, it has several levels of intensity to adjust it to the needs of each person.

Is it used to relieve fatigue after playing sports?

Yes, indeed it is one of its functions, it will help to relieve pain and physical and mental fatigue, as well as improve sleep.

Opinions of Footy Massager Carpet

We already know that being overweight or jobs or activities that require standing or walking for long periods of time can affect our feet, causing fatigue, pain, swelling and even injuries. With this smart foot massager you can from home or wherever you want. and also resting on your favorite sofa or armchair to take care of your feet and your health. Thanks to its different frequency levels you can adjust it to suit your needs.

It is also important to see a doctor if the pain and swelling of the feet persist or are frequent, as they may be indicative of a health problem that could be more serious.

Prices and Discounts Footy Massager Carpet Original

You can buy it with a 50% discount on its original price and with free shipping costs, buying more than one unit you can make the price per unit cheaper, it increases depending on the units you buy, so you can make a good gift original, birthdays, anniversaries or for the family.

Check the discount on it official purchase page de Footy Massager Carpet to see unit prices.

Where can you buy the original model?

Footy Massager Carpet You can buy it on its official website safely with free shipping. You only have to choose the number of units and fill in the form with your information, select one of the available payment methods that will depend on the country, you can pay by card, by PayPal and by GPay and with secure SSL encryption.

You can also expand the order including some slimming patches for legs, abdomen like the Parxal or patches for arms and a neck massager.

Footy Massager Carpet Original


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