Surge Emergency Bulb – Review and opinions of the emergency bulb

Surge Bombilla de Emergencia Emergency Bulb

Although most people have ways of lighting up when a power blackout occurs, the truth is that what we need is not always at hand, we have to look for flashlights or candles in drawers or closets and in the meantime we are without light with the risk of tripping and falling or breaking something.

What is Surge Emergency Bulb?

It is an emergency bulb, also known as “anti-blackout” or “backup” bulbs, it is designed to continue working in the event of a power outage or blackout.

They are very easy to install bulbs, they screw and fit into normal light sockets (base type: Edison or E27) in addition, they are 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs, they charge automatically and provide a few hours of autonomy thanks to part also to its low consumption.

How do emergency or “blackout” light bulbs work?

These types of bulbs usually have an internal battery that charges when the light is on and discharges when a power outage occurs. Its battery can provide enough power to keep the bulb running for several hours.

When a power outage occurs the bulb automatically switches to its backup power mode and continues to illuminate, when power is restored, the bulb automatically charges. They are very useful in emergency situations, since they can provide a light source immediately when a blackout occurs, it must be taken into account that it is not a permanent solution and that its autonomy depends on the type of bulb.

Surge Review

Review and opinions of Surge Emergency Bulb
The Emergency Light Bulb to be prepared in case of a blackout

Characteristics and Advantages of Surge

Emergency lighting in case of power outage
Energy saving LED technology. Save money with more efficient bulbs.
Lighting brillow consumption lantern
It automatically charges when it’s in a socket.
Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery.
Approximately 6 hours of backup light in the event of a blackout.
Very easy to use, it screws on like a normal light bulb.
25.000 hours of light on each bulb Surge.
Portable, each bulb has a special hook attachment that allows it to be carried with you.
Available only in US


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it battery operated? How is it charged?

There’s nothing to do, Surge it is charged by installing it in any lamp or lighting device that is connected to the current. Screw in, turn on the light switch and bulb Surge it will load automatically.

How long does it take to fully charge the bulb?

The bulb takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge.

Why choose bulbs Surge and no other emergency options?

When the power goes out, we generally already have options prepared, but we don’t always have them at hand and they have their drawbacks:

Generators: They are expensive, take up a lot of space, and difficult to reach in total darkness. They provide more power that you can use for other things, but blackouts usually don’t last long.
Candles: emit weak and unreliable light, but may also present a fire hazard.
Torches: Flashlights give little light and do not usually charge themselves, the batteries may run out when you are using them.

Surge It is a good solution that allows you to have warm and comfortable lighting without wasting time looking for an alternative. As soon as there is a blackout, you will have light where you have one of the bulbs.

What makes that Surge is it portable? Can I take it with me and use it on camping trips?

Each bulb comes with its own hook that is designed to be easily transported or hung somewhere you need light, making it a good solution for spot lighting when camping or outdoors.

Opinions of Surge

The idea is good and although it should not be usual, who has not suffered a blackout at home? and more in areas where there are usually storms.
One of the options that we liked is that it can also be portable and on camping or excursions you can have an extra source of light

Thanks to the promotions on the website, you can buy bulbs for the whole house and be prepared in the event of a blackout and their autonomy is quite good, not all emergency bulbs have an autonomy of up to 6 hours, remember that At the moment, it is only available for sale in the USA, so if you are there you can buy one of these bulbs at a very competitive price.

Prices and Discounts Surge Original

You can buy it from online shopping page. There are several packs to choose from and by buying more than one unit you can make the price per unit cheaper since you can buy 2 and get one free or buy 3 and 2 free or even buy 4 and get 4 free.

Where can you buy the original model?

Surge Emergency Bulb As we mentioned, you can buy it by placing the order from the purchase page, you just have to select the number of units and fill in your information.
You have several forms of payment available among which are card, PayPal and GPay and with secure SSL encryption. The only drawback is that at the moment you can only buy it in the US.

Surge Emergency Bulb

(*) Only available in US