Mosqinux Flashbeam – Portable Anti-Mosquito Lamp

Mosqinux FlashBeam

What is Mosqinux Flashbeam?

It is a portable anti-mosquito lamp that allows you to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in the areas where you use it. It is also free of toxins and harmful substances.

It has a powerful LED bulb with 3 different modes (high, medium, low) and a USB-rechargeable battery.

This type of lamp is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, meals, dinners… in the field, as it is water-resistant and its ability to be hung or carried with a hook makes its outdoor use more convenient.

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Review and opinions of Mosqinux Flashbeam
Portable Anti-Mosquito Lamp with Outdoor Light.

Features and Advantages of Mosqinux Flashbeam

  • Portable anti-mosquito lamp with light, ideal for outdoor areas.
  • Water-resistant and versatile.
  • Portable, with a useful hook for camping trips or outdoor outings. You can hang it almost anywhere and carry it on your backpack while walking, keeping your hands free.
  • Chemical-free, no insecticides, aerosols…
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Save energy with high-efficiency LED bulbs.
  • Available in orange and blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the anti-mosquito lamp easy to transport and use?

Yes, the anti-mosquito lamp is portable and easy to use. It is portable, and thanks to its hook, you can take it with you anywhere and quickly turn it on to avoid mosquito bites.

Can I hang the anti-mosquito lamp on the ceiling or wall of my terrace?

Yes, the anti-mosquito lamp has a hook that makes it easy to hang, allowing you to hang it anywhere and protect your space from insects.

How do I charge the anti-mosquito lamp?

It is very easy to charge, as it can be done through a USB port, a practical way to keep it running.

Opinions about Mosqinux Flashbeam

We all know that during the summer, with the heat and added humidity, we have the perfect combination for an increase in mosquito population. Every year, we face this problem with mosquitoes, making it difficult to enjoy outdoor outings with family and friends without suffering from a few mosquito bites.

Devices like Mosqinux Flashbeam can help keep the area where you are mosquito-free or as mosquito-free as possible, considering that there are no foolproof methods. However, lamps similar to this one have been on the market for a long time, and more and more devices are appearing, expanding the existing options.

Prices and Discounts of Original Mosqinux Flashbeam

You can purchase it with a 50% discount off the original price and with free shipping. Buying more than one unit can make the unit price more affordable. The more units you buy, the higher the discount, so you can take advantage and get a good gift for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Inquire and confirm the discount directly from the official Mosqinux Flashbeam purchasing page to see the prices per unit.

1 x Mosqinux Flashbeam
50% Savings
2 x Mosqinux Flashbeam
64% Savings
3 x Mosqinux Flashbeam
70% Savings
5 x Mosqinux Flashbeam
73% Savings

Where can you buy the original model?

You can buy it on their official website securely with free shipping. You just need to choose the number of units, select the color, and fill out the form with your information. Afterward, you can select one of the available payment methods, which may vary depending on the country. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, and GPay, with secure SSL encryption.

During the purchasing process, you may also have the option to add additional accessories to your order.

Mosqinux Flashbeam Original