LumForce – Survival LED Flashlight Review


Nowadays we are very accustomed to always carry our mobile with us and we think that since it has a camera or flash light we can light up and walk quietly, the truth is that this light is not the same as that of a good flashlight, we would say which is practically essential for any outdoor activity, it is safer, more comfortable and you will have greater visibility if you take a flashlight with you on your camping trips, walks etc…

What is LumForce?

It is a powerful LED flashlight, resistant, waterproof and with 3 lighting modes to choose the one that best suits your circumstances, high power, low power and strobe/SOS to use it in case of need.

Its resistance makes it ideal for use in difficult weather conditions, such as rain, wind… and its power makes it very useful to illuminate long distances, its power is such that it can even burn a piece of paper if you place it on top of it when it’s on. turned on and cannot be looked at directly as it may cause eye damage.

LumForce Reseña

Review and opinions of LumForce
The powerful LED flashlight with 3 lighting modes

Characteristics and Advantages of LumForce

Powerful LED flashlight with 3 different light modes: high power, low power and strobe/SOS.

It can be turned off at any time, without having to go through all the modes.

It has the ability to illuminate the length of several football fields.

Made with resistant materials, it withstands blows and adverse weather conditions

IPX4 water resistance (  What is IPX protection?  )

Save money on batteries and gain autonomy and safety

So powerful that when it’s on it can burn paper if you place it on top.

Large capacity battery rechargeable by USB Type-C cable ( how to clean USB ports? )

You can charge your mobile phone by using the flashlight as a power bank.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can mobile phone be charged with this flashlight?

Yes, it can charge the mobile phone and many more devices, this is what makes it more than a conventional flashlight.

How do you turn on the flashlight?

Holding down the power button for a few seconds.

Does it work with batteries?

No, it is charged via USB Type-C cables, saving money on batteries.

I can buy LumForce with any discount?

Yes, there is a 50% discount available, but if you need more than one or want to make an original gift for athletes or outdoor fans, you can buy more than one unit, 2, 3 or even 5 of LumForce thus achieving that the price per unit is cheaper.

Opinions of LumForce

For fans of adventure sports, camping, mountains… a flashlight is essential, in the absence of light, when it gets dark you have to have a safe way of lighting, with this flashlight, in addition to having good lighting power, you have the possibility to charge a device, such as your mobile phone and even if you need to make a fire, it can burn a leaf when put on the light and can help you to make a bonfire.

With its 3 lighting modes, including the strobe light, you can request help to request a rescue in an emergency, being more visible to those who come to your aid.

Prices and Discounts LumForce

You can buy LumForce with a 50% discount on its original price and with free shipping costs, buying more than one unit you can get the price per unit to be cheaper, it increases depending on the units you buy, so you can make a good Original gift, birthdays, anniversaries and for fans of the outdoors, adventure sports, camping…

Check the discount on it official purchase page of LumForce to see unit prices.

Where can you buy the original model?

LumForce You can buy it on its official website safely with free shipping. You only have to choose the number of units and fill in the form with your information, select one of the available payment methods that will depend on the country, you can pay by card, by PayPal and by GPay and with secure SSL encryption.

LumForce Original