Dorikabite – Reviews and Opinions of the Pen that relieves stinging pain..

The pain and discomfort caused by an insect bite, especially from mosquitoes, can even lead to wounds. In addition, as soon as we are bitten, a chemical signal is sent to other mosquitoes so that they head towards the same person, which is why many of us are bitten several times, especially on the legs and arms. We have the solution to avoid this: Dorikabite.

What is Dorikabite?

It is a pen that is used to immediately relieve the itching of any insect bites, whether mosquitoes, spiders, bees, wasps, etc …. A single pen for life, just need to charge its battery and ready to use again.

Through its thermal pulse system, i.e. applying laser heat to the area where the bite has occurred, it prevents inflammation and cancels the poison that insects inject into the bites. Just turn on DoriKabite and press it on the bite.

It is also 100% natural, does not use chemicals or medicines, so it can be used for any type of skin, in children over 4 years old and even in pregnant women. Enjoy a summer without itching!

Its size and design make it ideal to carry it always with you and protect you from insect bites.


Immediate relief from insect bite itching.
100% Natural, without drugs or chemicals.

Dorikabite Features and Benefits

  • Instant relief of itchy skin from insect bites.
  • Free of chemicals and medicines.
  • Suitable for any bite: mosquitoes, flies, spiders, horseflies, flies and bees, etc…
  • Battery operated and powered by USB. A pen for life, it never runs out.
  • Easy to apply, adjust the temperature and apply by pressing the affected area.
  • Small size and lightweight, ideal to carry with you always.
  • Choose the color you like: black, white and pink.

Opinions about Dorikabite

This device is ideal for travel or to have it always at home. Especially in summer when mosquitoes appear at any time of the day and bite us again and again. Once applied, you instantly start to feel relief, even forgetting about the bite.

With just one pen we will protect the whole family, as it is suitable for adults and children from four years of age.

Dorikabite Pricing and Discounts

You can find DappSmile right now with 50% off the original price and also volume discounts, when you buy 2 you get more than 60% off the original price per piece, a little more than 60% off the original price if you buy 3 and the discounts gradually increase up to 5 units.


How does it work? Is it effective?

It is important to apply it as soon as possible after the sting for its effect to be as expected.

Does it work with battery, what is its autonomy?

Its battery is charged via USB port and with one charge it has enough power to apply the product 500 times.

Do you use any type of medication?

No, it is 100% natural, it works by laser heat emission, it does not use drugs or harmful products.

Where can you buy it?

Although there are many models that are almost identical, you can buy the original Dorikabite with free shipping on their official website. You simply choose the number of units, fill in your details in the form and choose the payment method according to the country, you can pay by card, PayPal and GPay.


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