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Qinux TrimMate

In today’s market, there are numerous options available for shaving and haircutting, and they are becoming more comprehensive. Among them, the multifunction razors designed for both hair and beards stand out. These razors offer exceptional versatility and comfort that is usually sought after in this type of device. Using them does not imply complications and also allows you to save time in your daily routine.

What is Qinux TrimMate?

It is a razor with an innovative design that features an integrated suction system. This system prevents the accumulation of hair on the floor and clothing, helping to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. This option is especially convenient for those who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with accumulated hair in the sink or on the bathroom floor.

In addition to its suction system, this razor incorporates a complete kit of accessories that enhance the quality of your cut. These accessories allow you to achieve a more precise and uniform shave. The razor includes two different heads, along with one designed specifically for shaving the head and beard, expanding its capabilities and versatility.

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Review and opinions of Qinux TrimMate

Features and Benefits of Qinux TrimMate

  • It has a built-in vacuum system that prevents the accumulation of hair on surfaces and clothing, helping to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.
  • It has three cutting heads of different sizes: two different heads of 1 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm, as well as one specially designed to shave both the head and the beard.
  • Includes a set of cleaning tools that allow you to keep your razor in top condition.
  • It is waterproof and stands out for its sound discretion.
  • Its resistance to water also significantly simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Its design is free of pulling and cutting, making it suitable for trimming hair, beards and body hair to various lengths.
  • This high-quality razor guarantees a flawless, irritation-free shave.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Qinux TrimMate

The razor Qinux TrimMate Does it include a cleaning kit to keep it in good condition?

Yes, the razor comes with a cleaning kit that will allow you to keep it in optimal condition and prolong its useful life.

Can this product be charged via a USB cable or just a wall charger?

Yes, one of the most valued features in these devices is the versatility of charging options. The razor can be charged via a Type-C cable, providing a modern and convenient alternative to traditional charging.

Is it waterproof?

As indicated on the purchase page, the razor has an IPX7 water resistance rating. This means that it is protected against immersion for a certain time, allowing it to be submerged for 30 minutes without damage. See more details about IPX protection to understand its features.

Can I buy it with a discount?

Yes, there is a 50% discount available, but if you want to make an original gift you can buy 2, 3 or even 5 units, thus making the price per unit cheaper.

What we like the most. Opinions about Qinux TrimMate

A novelty razor that adds to Qinux’s original TrimSher and the Rakvel , part of a diverse line that includes options as varied as the popular Qinux Airgo for this summer and the Qinux ScrubbyDo electric cleaning brush .

This razor introduces you to the versatility and comfort of a hair and beard device, allowing you to save time and achieve a smooth and precise shave thanks to its various heads. It stands out for its integrated suction system, an extremely practical feature.

It is an all-round grooming tool that enables a close, well-defined shave for both beard and hair. Its attractive compact design is combined with IPX7 certification, ensuring a smooth and irritation-free shaving experience.

Prices and Discounts Qinux TrimMate

You can buy it with a 50% discount on its original price and with free shipping costs, buying more than one unit you can get the price per unit to be cheaper, the more units you buy, the greater the discount, so you can take advantage of it to make a good gift, birthday, anniversary, etc…

Consult and confirm the discount from the same official purchase page de Qinux TrimMate to see unit prices.

1 x Qinux TrimMate
50% Savings
2 x Qinux TrimMate
58% Savings
3 x Qinux TrimMate
64% Savings
5 x Qinux TrimMate
70% Savings

Where can you buy the original model of Qinux TrimMate?

You can buy it on its official website safely with free shipping. You just have to choose the number of units, select the color and fill in the form with your information, then you can select one of the available payment methods that will depend on the country, you can pay by card, by PayPal and by GPay and with secure SSL encryption.

You can also extend the order with one of the accessories that are usually offered in the purchase process.


Qinux TrimMate Original


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